Why YouTube is Suspending Accounts without any notice?

I can understand your pain, that why you are here and reading this blog post, your channel or account got suspended by YouTube without prior notice and after posting questions on different forums you got back nothing, 
If I am right, this post is for you.
First take a deep breath and spit out that anger you can't do anything to YouTube and take relief that you are not alone in this, many have lost their channels without any notice, terminated due to violations of terms has been a annoying line for many, even I have been the victim, channel of our blog "TalkAbout" recently got suspended without any notice and under that account I had six other channels which were also terminated by YouTube without any valid reason.

YouTube is targeting Asian channels, specifically Pakistani,Bangladeshi and Nepali YouTubers !

Wonder Why ?

After getting troubled and been victimized I went through crazy research  and found some reasons which have been the cause of termination of Asian channels,becuase most of us don't know that what we are doing is violating YouTube's bloody terms and conditions ( Sorry for anger But I am human too ),
Possible reasons for terminating Asian YouTube Channel are as Follow :
1. Most people post their channel links or video links on social media sites and blogs after deliberately relating any discussion with their YouTube channel or video, for suppose if someone asked question about "success in life" on quora.com you write one line answer and gave link to your channel and suggest the person to open it for details, what happens next is terrible, people consider this as spam and few open that links and report the your channels or videos.

2.  Most people have multiple channels under single YouTube account and when they produce video for any of their channel they re-upload it on their other channels which are under that single account and that results into the violation and spam, during processing YouTube match your content that you are uploading on any of your channel with content that is already uploaded on your other channels, they consider it as a serious spam and filter your channel by suspending without prior notice that is even worse that copyright strikes which come with warning, they can't harm until number become three. But this spam which we did not understood, is fatal for our channel, because 99.99999% of us including myself don't read YouTube Terms and conditions until the sad day comes. So never re-upload your video on any of your other YouTube channel that is under same account by describing it as collaboration with your own-self, YouTube Consider it as wasting of their data storage by replication of same content.

3. Tags, we know tags are important for videos to come up in search results but we get crazy about them and tag everything that is trending in our video that just is about "your urban visit experience", tags are not just important for listing of our videos but they result into fatal spamming that surely suspends our account, so never tag Justin bieber song in your vine video until you can afford Justin in real otherwise you know better what can happen.

4. Thumbnails are like key factor for any stranger to open our video but If it is misleading that will result into report by that strange person which was expecting to watch something that never came on screen, so take screenshot of your own video make some decent texting on it, design it as valid thumbnail, at-least you would get organic views, not angry unknown reports.

So If you did any of these than don't blame YouTube for suspending your channels/account, just consider it as lesson for future endeavors and remember life doesn't end by suspension of a YouTube account, stay happy and keep doing what you like,


Top 8 daily Habits of Highly Successful

By YesInspireME YouTube Channel we all have few things in common

  • we all live once
  • we have many goals 
  • and 50% of us have one big goal to achieve in life.
but why is that? only few people become successful and many encounter failure ?
The greatest philosopher, Aristotle told :

"95% of anything you do, is result of your habits "

So either we become successful or become fail; result by our habits.

For that we have complied list of top 8  habits of highly successful people, as below

1)Daily Goal Setting

2) Finish, what you start.

3) People Orientation

4) Health Orientation

5) Staying Honest

6) Choice Pool ( Reduced to essential )

7) Speaking by Actions

8) Self Discipline ( Foundation Habit ) 

All these habits are best explained with examples in following video by collaboration of 
TalkAbout and YesInspireME

Unleash your thoughts

There are two types of people living in this world, one; the self motivated and the others are not, the people who think are not self motivated are used to get inspirations and motivations through different ways, and survey reveals that 90% of the people are not self motivated therefore they require a guide, a source that motivates , inspires and tells them at each tough situation that it's not THE END of life but it's the START; The article that you are reading is an inspirational and motivational, most of people require these both qualities, so get ready to boost yourself full of motivations and let your mind be focused on your target.

Every big thing is made up small things, like; a table(Bigger) is composed of a piece of thin wood(Big) the piece of wood is composed of atoms (smaller) the atom is composed of sub-atomic particles i.e electron, proton,neutron (Even smaller),In the same way; every big achievement has come across very little actions in past which ultimately resulted it a triumph.

But point to ponder is- what turned it into a big accomplishment? The answer is determination and consistency. 

It’s a famous quote that 'If you can't fly then runif you can't run then walkif you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving, 

when you say; what ever may happen I’ve to do this then the heat stroke can’t be hurdle to your way, the storm can’t flow your thoughts, the rain can't dabble your imagination, the fire can’t burn your ideas, the sky can’t reach your limits, what can retard you? is "yourself", once you broke the chain of  consistency of your little actions you created a gap in between little action and  triumph. 
All legends who’s names can’t be erased by history have proved that every little action is counted and suggested to do what complacent to you.

The destination is not achieved surprisingly but you have to keep on taking small steps to approach it, hard times may come but bearing the torment gives you title.
 The revolution of
Nelson Mendela is not faraway from us; being  jailed for 27 years even then fighting for rights defines the definite aim followed by consistency of struggle.

"One child, one book, one pen and one teacher can change the world"; the famous quote of the Laureate the Malala Yousufzai who raised her voice against the local Taliban to overcome ban on girls’ education in a small town of Pakistan for which she was shot 3 bullets,  but these bullets hadn’t enough courage to extinguish the fire of her legitimate demands, there after she got a new life and utilized her every single resource to fight back Taliban by empowering the women and launching the campaigns throughout the world by free educating girls for at least 12yrs.
                                  Her little actions of writing blogs against ban put her life at death's door but her continuous efforts made her name all over the world and the winner of spate of Awards and one of those is a "NOBLE PEACE AWARD".

She proved that there is no any powerful weapon than education and yes! she has achieved what she had strived for; is known as a feminist Mala.

"The richest poor  man" The Abdul Sattar Edhi; started his mission with no money but, determination; The determination for serving humanity and that was his life goal, since the inception of adolescence to the last moments of life he tried serving humanity, the donation of his eyes after death to needy one according to his will, blatantly shows his passion of serving humanity.

 He led the groundwork for "Edhi Social Welfare Organization" selflessly by begging at streets, roads and accumulating penny by penny, his philanthropic act led the foundation of "Edhi Trust" successively after the Edhi Social Welfare organization, he never stepped back for any hurdle instead stepped up always.

He is known as the richest poor-man because of the fact that having billion rupees in account lived a simple life; worn "shalwar kameez" (Ordinary Pakistani Dress) traveled in his ambulance which is one of his foundations known as "Edhi Ambulance" and lived in an ordinary home, 

The people known to Edhi iterate that he was like a determinant person and was not intimidated of any thing, he just kept on doing his work. 
                       A person iterates that during the exchange of intense fire between two groups at Karachi, Edhi was seen picking up dead bodies at that moment and a gun firing men recognized him and shouted from faraway, "GO AWAY EDHI" otherwise you will get shoot, Edhi replied i won't go away, "Just do your work and let me do mine".
His consistency for the love of humanity is unquestionable he's no more today but his whole life is a lesson to revere humanity.

 I can't conclude this within in few lines but rather than concluding i'd suggest to follow your mind and interest because it's all about complacency.  

Top 10 cities which suffer summer all the year

Is Pakistan only the country which suffers high heatstroke? Are other countries safe from high temperature? If temperature increases from 47 degree centigrade in Pakistan, it causes many death cases due to heatstroke. In this world few countries possess gradual increase in mean temperature annually, the reason behind this gradual increase in mean temperature is lake of tree plantations and therefore they suffer heatstroke all the year. 

Pakistan is among the top 20 highest temperature measured countries, but not from those which suffer heatstroke all the year but few of it's cities are very hot in summer. The below given cities are the top ten cities suffering hot season, it is because of their geographical locations. These cities are very nearer to" the Equator Line" , where rays of the sun falls more than Pole, so they feel more heatstroke. The survey was conducted in 2015-16 of below given cities.

10th hottest city in the world:

The american city Dallas is the tenth hottest city in the world. Dallas city suffers not less then 34 degree centigrade all the year. And the maximum temperature recorded there is 46.7 degree centigrade. It means this city suffers summer all the year.

9th hottest city in the world:

Tirat Zvi, city Israel is ranked at top 9th number possessing high temperature. Tirat Zvi is the city of farmers, where the economy is mainly based on date trees. In the year  1942 the highest temperature recorded was 53.2 degree Celsius.

8th hottest city in the world:

You might have listened of the African city Timbuktu in Mali. In ancient time this city was center of the Islam. The approximate population of this city is around 32 thousand. The highest temperature 54.5 degree centigrade was recorded.

7th hottest city in the world:

In Tunis, Kebili city scaled at number 7 where 55 Degree centigrade is measured. The population of this city is nearly 18 thousand. The existence of Kebili is  0.2 million years old.

6th hottet city in the world:

Ghadames, the city of Libya is the sixth hottest city on the earth. Ghadames is at the bank of hot desert, "UNESCO declared the oldest part of Ghadames which is surrounded by city wall as the Wolrd Heritage". Ghadames' maximum temperature is 55 degree centirgrade recorded.

5th hottest city in the world:

The desert part of California, state of America is at the fifth position. The desert is also known as Death valley and the state after spate of years turned up this desert into a "National Park". This place is considered as hottest place of US;  and most visited place of US by the visitors. The interesting thing is that in National Park, there is no population except government peoples. 56.7 degree is the highest temperature recorded at their.

4th hottest city in the world:

Aziziya city, located in Libya is the fourth hottest city in the world. Nearly 0.3 million people are populated at Aziziya. The hottest day at Aziziya is measured at 57.7 degree centigrade.

3rd hottest city in the world:

Third hottest city on the earth is" the Turpan the city Xinjiang province of china ". The hottest day at Turpan 66.8 degree centigrade temperature recorded. Muslims are settled in this city in well number, mostly they are farmers. Turpan is at the 508ft on the earth's surface.

2nd hottest city in the world:

Queen's Land of Australia is the second most hottet city. In the year 2003" badlands" area of Queens Land; experienced the temperature 69.3 degree centigrade. The population of that area is nearly zero due to heatstroke.

World's most hottest  place:

Dasht-e-Lut area of Iran is the most hot place on the earth. The temperature 70.7 degree centigrade was recorded in 2005, but not every year.

God created human beings in such a way that they can survive at extreme hotness and coldness. If a boy gets birth at hottest place of 70 degree centigrade, he can easily survive there at. But if the same boy is experienced by area possessing low temperature suppose -2 degree centigrade and then the results would be change.

A news that orphaned pakistani nation

July 8, 2016 Larkana, it was 11:38 PM, suddenly my friend Zubair Jakhro told me, "Edhi" has died. I got shock and asked him again, Who ? Abdul Sattar Edhi!  who told you this ?. He replied, I have received tweet. At that moment it was hard to keep conversation going and we left the restaurant, this news shocked us from inside and only word we could  exchange was "Allah Hafiz "and left for our homes.

I rushed home to watch news, world news was echoing with PAKISTAN, but it was neither because of any terror attack, target killing, nor about killing of innocents in drone attacks, But this time PAKISTAN was under discussion just because of one person, whose whole life was an humanitarian act, "Abdul Sattar edhi".

                                                                                                                It was the Year 1928 Bantva basti, Junha ghar, Gujrat, where a baby gets birth and is named as "Abdul Sattar" in the house of Abdul Shakoor Edhi. He spent his childhood in the narrow streets of Bantva, The father of Abdul Sattar Edhi was a businessman and spent his much of time outside of the Bantva and usually used to send the livelihood to his family but his mother often distributed those bags to the needy and poor ones. this quality of generosity is inherited by his mother which turned little Abdul Sattar into philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi. He writes in his book " A mirror to the blind" that;  During my school days my mother used to give me two pennies out of which i had to consume 1 for myself  and 1 for my needy friend and suggested me to acquire a sharing quality and prevented me from annoying any poor and helpless person because these are the qualities that are liked by Allah Almighty.When Edhi's mother was ill, Edhi not only took care of  his mother but also accomplished other responsibilities of his home with great dedication.His mother's death took him to  great frustration that was cured by his work of humanity.

 After creation of Pakistan, he migrated to  the Kharader colony of Karachi. Where he worked at Pan house and also at cloth shop. After some time he left other works and decided to open  dispensary for poor at Methadar colony, but people were against him and they impeached him as thief and rapist. When he was in gujrat he used to read books, his most favorate one was,  "Mother by Maccesum Gourki", At the age of 14yrs, Edhi fell in love with girl named "Ameena" but she rejected his proposal. And then Abdul Sattar Edhi in 1965 proposed "Balkes edhi" for marriage and she accepted, they got  married in 19 April, 1966. once someone asked Mrs. Edhi, how was your marriage? she replied; "It was  a game, that I won".

                        In 1957 karachi, that was time when whole city was suffering from "Hong Kong Flue". Edhi served not only at Methadar but also in different areas of city by organizing emergency relief camps. Edhi  was rewarded 20 thousand rupees from a memon businessman for his honesty and socialism. He got a van with that amount; to reach at emergency places as quickly as possible, . After some time that van became famous as "van for poor". At that time five ambulances were available in the city, two of which were in garage due to technical fault. Abdul Sattar Edhi for his dispensary he renamed "Van for poors" as the "Edhi ambulance". Abdul Sattar Edhi with his continuous  struggle and hard work he converted one van in to 2000 ambulances,16 field services into 50 different disciplines. Edhi foundation is that charity Non Government organisation, where
Edhi road ambulances, 
Edhi air ambulances, 
Edhi homes,
Juhla service(where new born baby should be left),
missing princes service dispensary and hospital service refugee, free meal service,
animal hospital service,
Apna ghar( old age home ) for old citizens,
Edhi graveyard,
Edhi education, 
mortuary service
 and many more disciplines to help human as much as Edhi can.
                       Abdul Sattar will be remembered  for centuries due to his act of humanity and socialism. In 1962 Abdul Sattar fought local board election, in which he succeeded with his continuous struggle and hard work. In era of President Ayub khan he supported Fatima jinnah, he was totally opponent to the Ayub khan. Edhi also fought 1970's election for provincial assembly and was defeated by Pakistan peoples' party member. After the death of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, general Zia-ul-haq decided to rule the country on the principles of Islam, for that purpose he called the cabinet meeting in which he also called Edhi, but Edhi rejected his invitation on these words that " I am very simple and straightforward  person, may be, your cabinet wouldn't  bear my presence ". Again Zia-ul-haq forced to join and then he joined that cabinet meeting, in meeting all the leaders gave their ideas and Edhi said that; I am not in this favor to lead our country on Isamic rules but humanism,and in Islam humanity is at first priority. General Zia-ul-haq did not like those words of Edhi and he got anger at Edhi.
                    Edhi in his biographic book mentioned that; Zulifqar Ali Bhutto was the leader elected by the people and he knew how to serve his country and people, his roots existed in hearts of people, and General Zia haq was anxious and thought that Zulifqar bhutto is  dangerous for his dictatorship so he hanged him under false allegations.
While Edhi was struggling he was life threatened many times , after the murder of Salah-uh-den editor of Taqbir news paper,after that Edhi went to london for some time. Where he meet with Imran khan and was advised him to join pressure group but he replied that I would not join any pressure group against government.
                Abdul Sattar lived his whole life in the socialism and welfare of humanity without difference of color, race and religion he served just humanity for the sake of Allah. Abdul Sattar edhi in his last testate mentioned that; after my death all the parts of my body should denoted to the needy ones. In the I.C.U when doctor removes his ventilator and tells worst news to the nation that Mr. Edhi is no more alive. Then his son Faisal Edhi gives his father's last testate to the doctor Adeeb Rizvi and he transplanted cornea form Edhi's eyes to the needy person.
              Abdul Sattar edhi lived his life simply and generously . He worn whole life a simple malaysian suit, in the last testate it was also mentioned that bury me in the same cloth,so as his son did.Abdul Sattar Edhi was buried in grave that he had made a testament  25 years ago, He always opposed the VIP protocol but at last he was buried with honour and protocol successively it was the time to say Bye Bye.

4 weird things that only exists in JAPAN

Japan is the country that welcomes all, she is among world's largest economies and mainly known for it's cuisine, Aesthetic tradition,role in the second world war and technical advancements, But today we will TalkAbout 4 weird things that only exists in Japan.
  1.  The Poop Museum:
    doctors say your poop tells about your health, but it is something we keep personal until comes medical condition, where in other parts of  world people feel awkward even to talk about poop, but in Tokyo of Japan they have poop Museum. 
    On the entrance you are directed to purchase poop head,

    museum exhibit different shapes of  plastic poops, It also contains giant toilet where you are supposed to climb by stairs,

     clay is available to create your own poops and
     at end you can watch  singing toilets.

    This may be strangest Museum in World !
  2. Ice Cream Flavors: Ice Cream is love of all, it is one of most loved frozen food,
     when we think of it's flavors, a feel of milk and cream 
    combined with fruit-flavors like Mint Chocolate or Mint Cookies come in our Thoughts, but it is far different for Japanese People because their Popular flavors of ice cream are as :
    (iii) Cow Tongue
    iv)Deep Fried Oyster
    v)Shark Fin

     and the list goes on, but I can grantee most of us wouldn't even wish to try any of that 
    weird flavor.
  3.  Bagel Head:
    body modification is popular in many parts of world, most frequent are piercing,tattoos  and sometime people enlarge different parts of their body, people do it for self-expression, but Japanese fascination of body modification is much different than rest of the world.
    This is Bagel, A bread Product 

    they have Bagel head procedure which was pioneered in canada but it is popular in Japan, by this people inject saline in their for-head to resemble the shape of bagel,
     they also have bagel head parties
     but the  good thing about this modification is; shape lasts for 6 to 24 hours only.
    But overall it is weird!
  4. Liberation Wrapper: 
    Japanese have concept of OCHOBO for women, it spells smallmouth as symbol of beauty for females,

     so they need to cover their mouth while eating or avoid eating big things, such as burgers.
    Recently a restaurant chain named " freshness burger" introduced weirdest invention called "The Liberation Wrapper"
     to increase sell for their product in females, it sets women free from spell OCHOBO

     by covering their face while they eat, It is served with 
    burger with image of female closed mouth on it.

    Your Treat is here!

A famous scientist was homeschooled for a reason that would inspire you

A famous scientist was homeschooled for a reason that would inspire you
One day, a grade school boy came home and gave a letter to his mother and said my teacher told me, "Give it to your mother". 

At first she was amazed by this gesture,  but then as she opened that folded letter; her eyes were tearful, and she started crying while covering her face with that letter.
Little boy asked his mother, "Mom why are you crying ? Please read it loud for me !".

Mother started reading letter loud with happy face and tearful eyes " your son is genius, this school is small for him and doesn't have good teachers to train him, Please teach him yourself".
 After many years that boy became famous scientist and by that time his mother was dead, One day he was looking old family things in storeroom and there he found that folded letter in the corner of his mother's drawer. He smiled a little and opened it, on that paper it was written :"Your son is addled [ mentally ill ]. we can't let him come to this school anymore, Please consult a doctor for him
That scientist cried for many hours and wrote in his diary : "Thomas Alva edison was a mentally ill child, by a hero mother, become the genius of the century"

Yes my friends, this is the story of that famous scientist, who was called greatest inventor of century. 
His notable inventions are :
 1. Electric light bulb
 Thomas Edison is well known for invention of   reliable electric light bulb.

 2. movie camera.  
 3. Video Projector  and many.

Moral of story: Mother is your greatest strength, without a hero mother a future scientist could have been behind doors of  any mental hospital, always believe in yourself, never let others judge your strength.