Why YouTube is Suspending Accounts without any notice?

I can understand your pain, that why you are here and reading this blog post, your channel or account got suspended by YouTube without prior notice and after posting questions on different forums you got back nothing, 
If I am right, this post is for you.
First take a deep breath and spit out that anger you can't do anything to YouTube and take relief that you are not alone in this, many have lost their channels without any notice, terminated due to violations of terms has been a annoying line for many, even I have been the victim, channel of our blog "TalkAbout" recently got suspended without any notice and under that account I had six other channels which were also terminated by YouTube without any valid reason.

YouTube is targeting Asian channels, specifically Pakistani,Bangladeshi and Nepali YouTubers !

Wonder Why ?

After getting troubled and been victimized I went through crazy research  and found some reasons which have been the cause of termination of Asian channels,becuase most of us don't know that what we are doing is violating YouTube's bloody terms and conditions ( Sorry for anger But I am human too ),
Possible reasons for terminating Asian YouTube Channel are as Follow :
1. Most people post their channel links or video links on social media sites and blogs after deliberately relating any discussion with their YouTube channel or video, for suppose if someone asked question about "success in life" on quora.com you write one line answer and gave link to your channel and suggest the person to open it for details, what happens next is terrible, people consider this as spam and few open that links and report the your channels or videos.

2.  Most people have multiple channels under single YouTube account and when they produce video for any of their channel they re-upload it on their other channels which are under that single account and that results into the violation and spam, during processing YouTube match your content that you are uploading on any of your channel with content that is already uploaded on your other channels, they consider it as a serious spam and filter your channel by suspending without prior notice that is even worse that copyright strikes which come with warning, they can't harm until number become three. But this spam which we did not understood, is fatal for our channel, because 99.99999% of us including myself don't read YouTube Terms and conditions until the sad day comes. So never re-upload your video on any of your other YouTube channel that is under same account by describing it as collaboration with your own-self, YouTube Consider it as wasting of their data storage by replication of same content.

3. Tags, we know tags are important for videos to come up in search results but we get crazy about them and tag everything that is trending in our video that just is about "your urban visit experience", tags are not just important for listing of our videos but they result into fatal spamming that surely suspends our account, so never tag Justin bieber song in your vine video until you can afford Justin in real otherwise you know better what can happen.

4. Thumbnails are like key factor for any stranger to open our video but If it is misleading that will result into report by that strange person which was expecting to watch something that never came on screen, so take screenshot of your own video make some decent texting on it, design it as valid thumbnail, at-least you would get organic views, not angry unknown reports.

So If you did any of these than don't blame YouTube for suspending your channels/account, just consider it as lesson for future endeavors and remember life doesn't end by suspension of a YouTube account, stay happy and keep doing what you like,


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