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There are two types of people living in this world, one; the self motivated and the others are not, the people who think are not self motivated are used to get inspirations and motivations through different ways, and survey reveals that 90% of the people are not self motivated therefore they require a guide, a source that motivates , inspires and tells them at each tough situation that it's not THE END of life but it's the START; The article that you are reading is an inspirational and motivational, most of people require these both qualities, so get ready to boost yourself full of motivations and let your mind be focused on your target.

Every big thing is made up small things, like; a table(Bigger) is composed of a piece of thin wood(Big) the piece of wood is composed of atoms (smaller) the atom is composed of sub-atomic particles i.e electron, proton,neutron (Even smaller),In the same way; every big achievement has come across very little actions in past which ultimately resulted it a triumph.

But point to ponder is- what turned it into a big accomplishment? The answer is determination and consistency. 

It’s a famous quote that 'If you can't fly then runif you can't run then walkif you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving, 

when you say; what ever may happen I’ve to do this then the heat stroke can’t be hurdle to your way, the storm can’t flow your thoughts, the rain can't dabble your imagination, the fire can’t burn your ideas, the sky can’t reach your limits, what can retard you? is "yourself", once you broke the chain of  consistency of your little actions you created a gap in between little action and  triumph. 
All legends who’s names can’t be erased by history have proved that every little action is counted and suggested to do what complacent to you.

The destination is not achieved surprisingly but you have to keep on taking small steps to approach it, hard times may come but bearing the torment gives you title.
 The revolution of
Nelson Mendela is not faraway from us; being  jailed for 27 years even then fighting for rights defines the definite aim followed by consistency of struggle.

"One child, one book, one pen and one teacher can change the world"; the famous quote of the Laureate the Malala Yousufzai who raised her voice against the local Taliban to overcome ban on girls’ education in a small town of Pakistan for which she was shot 3 bullets,  but these bullets hadn’t enough courage to extinguish the fire of her legitimate demands, there after she got a new life and utilized her every single resource to fight back Taliban by empowering the women and launching the campaigns throughout the world by free educating girls for at least 12yrs.
                                  Her little actions of writing blogs against ban put her life at death's door but her continuous efforts made her name all over the world and the winner of spate of Awards and one of those is a "NOBLE PEACE AWARD".

She proved that there is no any powerful weapon than education and yes! she has achieved what she had strived for; is known as a feminist Mala.

"The richest poor  man" The Abdul Sattar Edhi; started his mission with no money but, determination; The determination for serving humanity and that was his life goal, since the inception of adolescence to the last moments of life he tried serving humanity, the donation of his eyes after death to needy one according to his will, blatantly shows his passion of serving humanity.

 He led the groundwork for "Edhi Social Welfare Organization" selflessly by begging at streets, roads and accumulating penny by penny, his philanthropic act led the foundation of "Edhi Trust" successively after the Edhi Social Welfare organization, he never stepped back for any hurdle instead stepped up always.

He is known as the richest poor-man because of the fact that having billion rupees in account lived a simple life; worn "shalwar kameez" (Ordinary Pakistani Dress) traveled in his ambulance which is one of his foundations known as "Edhi Ambulance" and lived in an ordinary home, 

The people known to Edhi iterate that he was like a determinant person and was not intimidated of any thing, he just kept on doing his work. 
                       A person iterates that during the exchange of intense fire between two groups at Karachi, Edhi was seen picking up dead bodies at that moment and a gun firing men recognized him and shouted from faraway, "GO AWAY EDHI" otherwise you will get shoot, Edhi replied i won't go away, "Just do your work and let me do mine".
His consistency for the love of humanity is unquestionable he's no more today but his whole life is a lesson to revere humanity.

 I can't conclude this within in few lines but rather than concluding i'd suggest to follow your mind and interest because it's all about complacency.  

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