Top 10 cities which suffer summer all the year

Is Pakistan only the country which suffers high heatstroke? Are other countries safe from high temperature? If temperature increases from 47 degree centigrade in Pakistan, it causes many death cases due to heatstroke. In this world few countries possess gradual increase in mean temperature annually, the reason behind this gradual increase in mean temperature is lake of tree plantations and therefore they suffer heatstroke all the year. 

Pakistan is among the top 20 highest temperature measured countries, but not from those which suffer heatstroke all the year but few of it's cities are very hot in summer. The below given cities are the top ten cities suffering hot season, it is because of their geographical locations. These cities are very nearer to" the Equator Line" , where rays of the sun falls more than Pole, so they feel more heatstroke. The survey was conducted in 2015-16 of below given cities.

10th hottest city in the world:

The american city Dallas is the tenth hottest city in the world. Dallas city suffers not less then 34 degree centigrade all the year. And the maximum temperature recorded there is 46.7 degree centigrade. It means this city suffers summer all the year.

9th hottest city in the world:

Tirat Zvi, city Israel is ranked at top 9th number possessing high temperature. Tirat Zvi is the city of farmers, where the economy is mainly based on date trees. In the year  1942 the highest temperature recorded was 53.2 degree Celsius.

8th hottest city in the world:

You might have listened of the African city Timbuktu in Mali. In ancient time this city was center of the Islam. The approximate population of this city is around 32 thousand. The highest temperature 54.5 degree centigrade was recorded.

7th hottest city in the world:

In Tunis, Kebili city scaled at number 7 where 55 Degree centigrade is measured. The population of this city is nearly 18 thousand. The existence of Kebili is  0.2 million years old.

6th hottet city in the world:

Ghadames, the city of Libya is the sixth hottest city on the earth. Ghadames is at the bank of hot desert, "UNESCO declared the oldest part of Ghadames which is surrounded by city wall as the Wolrd Heritage". Ghadames' maximum temperature is 55 degree centirgrade recorded.

5th hottest city in the world:

The desert part of California, state of America is at the fifth position. The desert is also known as Death valley and the state after spate of years turned up this desert into a "National Park". This place is considered as hottest place of US;  and most visited place of US by the visitors. The interesting thing is that in National Park, there is no population except government peoples. 56.7 degree is the highest temperature recorded at their.

4th hottest city in the world:

Aziziya city, located in Libya is the fourth hottest city in the world. Nearly 0.3 million people are populated at Aziziya. The hottest day at Aziziya is measured at 57.7 degree centigrade.

3rd hottest city in the world:

Third hottest city on the earth is" the Turpan the city Xinjiang province of china ". The hottest day at Turpan 66.8 degree centigrade temperature recorded. Muslims are settled in this city in well number, mostly they are farmers. Turpan is at the 508ft on the earth's surface.

2nd hottest city in the world:

Queen's Land of Australia is the second most hottet city. In the year 2003" badlands" area of Queens Land; experienced the temperature 69.3 degree centigrade. The population of that area is nearly zero due to heatstroke.

World's most hottest  place:

Dasht-e-Lut area of Iran is the most hot place on the earth. The temperature 70.7 degree centigrade was recorded in 2005, but not every year.

God created human beings in such a way that they can survive at extreme hotness and coldness. If a boy gets birth at hottest place of 70 degree centigrade, he can easily survive there at. But if the same boy is experienced by area possessing low temperature suppose -2 degree centigrade and then the results would be change.

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