A news that orphaned pakistani nation

July 8, 2016 Larkana, it was 11:38 PM, suddenly my friend Zubair Jakhro told me, "Edhi" has died. I got shock and asked him again, Who ? Abdul Sattar Edhi!  who told you this ?. He replied, I have received tweet. At that moment it was hard to keep conversation going and we left the restaurant, this news shocked us from inside and only word we could  exchange was "Allah Hafiz "and left for our homes.

I rushed home to watch news, world news was echoing with PAKISTAN, but it was neither because of any terror attack, target killing, nor about killing of innocents in drone attacks, But this time PAKISTAN was under discussion just because of one person, whose whole life was an humanitarian act, "Abdul Sattar edhi".

                                                                                                                It was the Year 1928 Bantva basti, Junha ghar, Gujrat, where a baby gets birth and is named as "Abdul Sattar" in the house of Abdul Shakoor Edhi. He spent his childhood in the narrow streets of Bantva, The father of Abdul Sattar Edhi was a businessman and spent his much of time outside of the Bantva and usually used to send the livelihood to his family but his mother often distributed those bags to the needy and poor ones. this quality of generosity is inherited by his mother which turned little Abdul Sattar into philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi. He writes in his book " A mirror to the blind" that;  During my school days my mother used to give me two pennies out of which i had to consume 1 for myself  and 1 for my needy friend and suggested me to acquire a sharing quality and prevented me from annoying any poor and helpless person because these are the qualities that are liked by Allah Almighty.When Edhi's mother was ill, Edhi not only took care of  his mother but also accomplished other responsibilities of his home with great dedication.His mother's death took him to  great frustration that was cured by his work of humanity.

 After creation of Pakistan, he migrated to  the Kharader colony of Karachi. Where he worked at Pan house and also at cloth shop. After some time he left other works and decided to open  dispensary for poor at Methadar colony, but people were against him and they impeached him as thief and rapist. When he was in gujrat he used to read books, his most favorate one was,  "Mother by Maccesum Gourki", At the age of 14yrs, Edhi fell in love with girl named "Ameena" but she rejected his proposal. And then Abdul Sattar Edhi in 1965 proposed "Balkes edhi" for marriage and she accepted, they got  married in 19 April, 1966. once someone asked Mrs. Edhi, how was your marriage? she replied; "It was  a game, that I won".

                        In 1957 karachi, that was time when whole city was suffering from "Hong Kong Flue". Edhi served not only at Methadar but also in different areas of city by organizing emergency relief camps. Edhi  was rewarded 20 thousand rupees from a memon businessman for his honesty and socialism. He got a van with that amount; to reach at emergency places as quickly as possible, . After some time that van became famous as "van for poor". At that time five ambulances were available in the city, two of which were in garage due to technical fault. Abdul Sattar Edhi for his dispensary he renamed "Van for poors" as the "Edhi ambulance". Abdul Sattar Edhi with his continuous  struggle and hard work he converted one van in to 2000 ambulances,16 field services into 50 different disciplines. Edhi foundation is that charity Non Government organisation, where
Edhi road ambulances, 
Edhi air ambulances, 
Edhi homes,
Juhla service(where new born baby should be left),
missing princes service dispensary and hospital service refugee, free meal service,
animal hospital service,
Apna ghar( old age home ) for old citizens,
Edhi graveyard,
Edhi education, 
mortuary service
 and many more disciplines to help human as much as Edhi can.
                       Abdul Sattar will be remembered  for centuries due to his act of humanity and socialism. In 1962 Abdul Sattar fought local board election, in which he succeeded with his continuous struggle and hard work. In era of President Ayub khan he supported Fatima jinnah, he was totally opponent to the Ayub khan. Edhi also fought 1970's election for provincial assembly and was defeated by Pakistan peoples' party member. After the death of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, general Zia-ul-haq decided to rule the country on the principles of Islam, for that purpose he called the cabinet meeting in which he also called Edhi, but Edhi rejected his invitation on these words that " I am very simple and straightforward  person, may be, your cabinet wouldn't  bear my presence ". Again Zia-ul-haq forced to join and then he joined that cabinet meeting, in meeting all the leaders gave their ideas and Edhi said that; I am not in this favor to lead our country on Isamic rules but humanism,and in Islam humanity is at first priority. General Zia-ul-haq did not like those words of Edhi and he got anger at Edhi.
                    Edhi in his biographic book mentioned that; Zulifqar Ali Bhutto was the leader elected by the people and he knew how to serve his country and people, his roots existed in hearts of people, and General Zia haq was anxious and thought that Zulifqar bhutto is  dangerous for his dictatorship so he hanged him under false allegations.
While Edhi was struggling he was life threatened many times , after the murder of Salah-uh-den editor of Taqbir news paper,after that Edhi went to london for some time. Where he meet with Imran khan and was advised him to join pressure group but he replied that I would not join any pressure group against government.
                Abdul Sattar lived his whole life in the socialism and welfare of humanity without difference of color, race and religion he served just humanity for the sake of Allah. Abdul Sattar edhi in his last testate mentioned that; after my death all the parts of my body should denoted to the needy ones. In the I.C.U when doctor removes his ventilator and tells worst news to the nation that Mr. Edhi is no more alive. Then his son Faisal Edhi gives his father's last testate to the doctor Adeeb Rizvi and he transplanted cornea form Edhi's eyes to the needy person.
              Abdul Sattar edhi lived his life simply and generously . He worn whole life a simple malaysian suit, in the last testate it was also mentioned that bury me in the same cloth,so as his son did.Abdul Sattar Edhi was buried in grave that he had made a testament  25 years ago, He always opposed the VIP protocol but at last he was buried with honour and protocol successively it was the time to say Bye Bye.

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Respect for great human #edhi

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That news shocked whole pakistani nation

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That news shocked whole pakistani nation

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