4 weird things that only exists in JAPAN

Japan is the country that welcomes all, she is among world's largest economies and mainly known for it's cuisine, Aesthetic tradition,role in the second world war and technical advancements, But today we will TalkAbout 4 weird things that only exists in Japan.
  1.  The Poop Museum:
    doctors say your poop tells about your health, but it is something we keep personal until comes medical condition, where in other parts of  world people feel awkward even to talk about poop, but in Tokyo of Japan they have poop Museum. 
    On the entrance you are directed to purchase poop head,

    museum exhibit different shapes of  plastic poops, It also contains giant toilet where you are supposed to climb by stairs,

     clay is available to create your own poops and
     at end you can watch  singing toilets.

    This may be strangest Museum in World !
  2. Ice Cream Flavors: Ice Cream is love of all, it is one of most loved frozen food,
     when we think of it's flavors, a feel of milk and cream 
    combined with fruit-flavors like Mint Chocolate or Mint Cookies come in our Thoughts, but it is far different for Japanese People because their Popular flavors of ice cream are as :
    (iii) Cow Tongue
    iv)Deep Fried Oyster
    v)Shark Fin

     and the list goes on, but I can grantee most of us wouldn't even wish to try any of that 
    weird flavor.
  3.  Bagel Head:
    body modification is popular in many parts of world, most frequent are piercing,tattoos  and sometime people enlarge different parts of their body, people do it for self-expression, but Japanese fascination of body modification is much different than rest of the world.
    This is Bagel, A bread Product 

    they have Bagel head procedure which was pioneered in canada but it is popular in Japan, by this people inject saline in their for-head to resemble the shape of bagel,
     they also have bagel head parties
     but the  good thing about this modification is; shape lasts for 6 to 24 hours only.
    But overall it is weird!
  4. Liberation Wrapper: 
    Japanese have concept of OCHOBO for women, it spells smallmouth as symbol of beauty for females,

     so they need to cover their mouth while eating or avoid eating big things, such as burgers.
    Recently a restaurant chain named " freshness burger" introduced weirdest invention called "The Liberation Wrapper"
     to increase sell for their product in females, it sets women free from spell OCHOBO

     by covering their face while they eat, It is served with 
    burger with image of female closed mouth on it.

    Your Treat is here!

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